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Find out how you can get involved with 4-H as an adult volunteer!

4-H Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways that caring adults can volunteer to work with youth in the 4-H Program:

Organizational Leader – this person is the main leader for the 4-H Club. They are responsible for getting the group together, completing necessary paperwork, and being the main liaison between the club and the 4-H Office.

Assistant Leader – this individual assists the organizational leader in the operations of the 4-H Club. They may assist with paperwork, or may be the person responsible for a meeting in the event that the organizational leader is not available.  They could also work with other volunteers to plan programs and activities.

Activity Leader – some clubs have an activity leader that plans field trips or other special activities for the club members.

Project Leader – this person may have a specific expertise or interest in a particular 4-H project and is in charge of helping the club complete the project.

Advisory Committee Member – there are several advisory committees that give guidance to the Albany County 4-H program. Examples include the 4-H Horse Advisory Committee, the 4-H Dog Advisory Committee and the 4-H Shooting Sports Advisory Committee. An adult who has a specific interest in an advisory capacity can contact the 4-H Office for more information.

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4-H Youth Development Issue Leader
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Last updated April 4, 2018