seedlings in a flat
Image by Sandy Repp

Learn the first and last dates to plant veggies in our area!

Image by Sandy Repp

Pansies are an annual that provides early blooms.

Plants in Cornell Plantations (PLTNS) greenhouses (Cornell University Photography)
Image by Lindsay France

Coleus plants in a greenhouse

Our IPM pages can help you control garden pests.



Soil Testing

The CCE Albany County Horticultural Lab will not be accepting plant, insect, or soil samples from Nov. 30, 2020 to Mar. 1, 2021. Please send your gardening questions and/or pictures for identification to or call the Gardening Hotline at 518-765-3514 and leave a message.

Dairy One/Agro1 Lab is accepting soil samples for pH and nutrient testing.They prefer the soil testing samples be mailed directly to them.Please order the testing kit from their website via phone800-344-2697. You will then receive the testing kit and form to submit.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County is your resource for information on soils, site improvement, plant selection, proper plant care, eco-friendly practices, integrated pest management, composting and so much more! We offer free or low-cost gardening classes and tours all year long, and opportunities to share your love of gardening as a volunteer!


Carole Henry
Master Gardener Coordinator, Albany County CCE

Last updated February 26, 2021