Volunteering is a great way to get involved with CCE!
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Volunteering is a great way to get involved with CCE!


Volunteers are very important to Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County. Over 250 individuals volunteer their time to a variety of Extension activities, contributing over 8,000 hours each year!

Through duties as diverse as teaching others to prune trees or make compost, answering callers' questions on consumer or gardening issues, mentoring young people as they acquire new skills, or serving as board members or on committees that guide our work, volunteers represent Extension's far-reaching roots in our community.

Ongoing opportunities appear below, with contact names for additional information. Some programs may require specialized training to participate; upcoming training dates are listed where known.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Prospective volunteers complete an application formIn addition, those who volunteer to work with vulnerable populations (children, individuals with disabilities, etc.) will be asked to consent to a criminal background screening at Cooperative Extension's expense, as a means of ensuring the safety and security both of our volunteers and of the people we serve through our programs.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County utilizes the talents of over 250 volunteers to achieve its educational mission. Outreach efforts are greatly extended from the contributions of these volunteers in the areas of 4-H Youth Development (4-H Leaders), Master Gardeners, Student Internships and by serving on the Board of Directors and Program Committees.

For more information about volunteer opportunities/application, contact the following staff:

Association Volunteer Policy

CCE (Cornell Cooperative Extension) Association Volunteers are individuals who support CCE activities as a casual, elected, enrolled or supervising volunteer. Individuals who receive payment beyond expenses incurred during performance of service (whether such payment be in the form of cash, goods, lodging, food, etc.) are not considered volunteers.

Any member of the general public, students, former program participants, current or retired employees of CCE may serve as CCE Association Volunteers with the following restrictions:

  • Youth under the age of eighteen may serve in only those volunteer roles that do not require a signed volunteer agreement and may do so only with signed parental consent. Youth engaged in service learning or community service activities are considered to be program participants and are not considered to be CCE Association Volunteers for the purposes of the Association Volunteer Policy.
  • An employee of CCE may not volunteer in a capacity that is the same or essentially similar to that individual’s paid work assignment
  • Enrolled or supervising volunteers are required to submit a Volunteer Application prior to serving in a volunteer capacity and may also be required to authorize a Criminal History Check and/or Department of Motor Vehicle Check. Upon acceptance as a CCE Volunteer, volunteers will be asked to sign a Volunteer Agreement which includes the Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Last updated March 13, 2017