4-H Dog Program

What better way to foster a healthy relationship than a youth and their dog having fun and working as a team! This type of teamwork promotes responsibility and companionship between the child and the family pet. Both the pet and child benefit! 4-H offers a program with various events throughout the year to promote these beneficial results. The 4-H Dog Program offers obedience classes and a variety of performance events at different times of the year. In addition, 4-H offers a Dog and Kid Adventure for one week. This program is a “pawsitively great” experience for kids and dogs alike. Agility and many other learning activities take place for one week in July. Space is limited however. Other opportunities are offered throughout the year that don’t require a dog and may be of interest to any youth. Watch this web site for information on what is offered and how to sign up.


Rachel Sakadolsky
Youth Program Coordinator

Last updated September 2, 2021