4-H Clubs

4-H Clubs provide a wide variety of opportunities for young people aged 5-to-19. More than 300 youth are enrolled in our 4-H Club program, in groups that are as varied as your imagination. Members of 4-H clubs are learning about environmental issues, veterinary medicine, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), sewing skills, healthy lifestyles, and having fun in the process!

If youth have a hobby or interest that they would like to explore, and enjoy being with friends, join a 4-H club where members learn something new while having fun, improving communication and leadership skills, and serving their community. If there isn't already a 4-H club that meets your needs, our 4-H staff can help a parent or adult volunteer organize and support a club.

What Types of 4-H Opportunities are Available?

4-H Clubs co-ed groups with at least five members, ages 5-19 years. The club is led by one or more volunteer leaders with the help of parents and other adults.

Cloverbuds are 4-H members who are in grades K-3. A 4-H club may entirely consist of Cloverbuds, or the clubs may include mixed ages.

Family 4-H is for families that consist of one or more adults and any children in the family who wish to participate in 4-H.

After-School Programs are sites where 4-H projects are being taught. There are also a number of teaching kits available to after-school sites wishing to find meaningful programs to deliver to their students.

What Types of 4-H Projects are Available?

There are over one hundred 4-H projects that members can choose from...

Topics include:

• Animal Science • Creative Arts • Public Speaking
• Astronomy • Electricity • Rocketry
• Bird Study • Foods and Nutrition • Community Service
• Career Exploration • Gardening • Character Education
• Clothing • Leadership • Science and Technology
• Computers • Natural Resources
• Consumer Education • Photography


Rachel Sakadolsky
Youth Program Coordinator

Last updated October 3, 2023