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Every parent or guardian comes away with new skills.

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Strengthening Families helps adults and teens build communication skills.

Positive Parenting

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) Albany County helps families thrive in a rapidly changing world.

We offer parenting/family education workshops, as listed below. All workshops are offered free of charge to participants and/or host sites. Please see our calendar of events to register for a current workshop. If your organization would like to host a workshop, or if you have questions, please contact:

Maria DeLucia-Evans, Resource Educator



Strengthening Families Program

The Strengthening Families program is an interactive series of workshops that allow parents/caregivers to spend special time with their youth and help him/her be successful in the teen years. During each session, parents/caregivers and their youth will learn ways to build on existing strengths, improve communication skills, and have fun together as a family. (Series length and targeted age group of youth varies.)

Dinner is provided at each workshop, and each family will win a family fun gift basket during the course of the series.

Topics to expect:

  • How to set limits while supporting growth
  • What kids and parents need from each other
  • Developing emotional awareness
  • The challenges of friends and peer pressure
  • Keeping family love alive and giving compliments

The Strengthening Families Program strives to empower families. We celebrate family strengths, improve communication skills, and provide support to both youth and parents/caregivers.

Program content was developed by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. All recommended parenting techniques are researched-based.

The Magic Years

TheMagic Yearsis a three-part parenting education program for parents/caregivers of children ages 0 – 4-years-old. These workshops may be offered separately, or as a series.

The Magic Years: Handling Stress & Understanding Child Development

In this program parents/caregivers will understand how stress affects them, their children, and influences their parenting. They will also understand why they need to know about child development, and how they can play a role in developing developmental skills in their children.

The Magic Years: Setting Routines

In this program, parents/caregivers will understand what a routine is and why they are important. They will also understand how to set up routines in their households. We will cover routines including bedtime, family meals, and toilet training.

The Magic Years: Parenting Styles & Discipline Tools

In this program, parents/caregivers will understand four different parenting styles and how their parenting behavior affects their children. They will also learn several discipline techniques to use with their children, including understanding the difference between punishment and discipline, the myths of spanking, and getting children to listen.

Program content was developed by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County and Cornell University. All recommended parenting techniques are researched-based.

Last updated March 12, 2018