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NYS Public Health Fellows

CCE Albany is collaborating with the New York State Department of Health Public Corps (NYSPHC) and Albany County Department of Health (ACDOH) on the NYSPHC Fellowship Program to support COVID-19 operations, increase preparedness for future public health emergencies, and provide public health education to community members in Albany County. The program focuses on strengthening and expanding the public health workforce while supporting Albany County residents with public health education on key strategies that address public health issues, aiming to improve public health outcomes. Our trained fellows (educators) are mobilized throughout Albany County supporting ACDOH’s COVID-19, Flu, and MPX vaccination PODs and delivering programs on a wide array of public health issues. Educators are engaging in various community outreach to improve health literacy, access, and equity while developing and disseminating public health educational information and resources on COVID-19, as well as several vital health topics. Through outreach and partnership development, educators have expanded their network of community organizations and public health stakeholders from all levels while advancing their professional development.

Emphasis of the Fellows to date:

  • Raising awareness on the importance of regular cancer screenings at public libraries, senior homes, etc.; and distributing educational resources
  • Connecting individuals with resources to obtain free cancer screening services
  • Raising awareness on the NYS Cancer Services Program as well as promotional programs like the Heart of Hope Screening program by the Mackey Foundation
  • Facilitating collaboration between the Hilltown Resource Center and the St. Peters Cancer Services Program (to help improve access to cancer services in rural areas)
  • Promoting sun protection and prevent melanoma by helping to obtain sunscreen dispensers for public parks and pools in Albany County and creating small educational stands about sun protection for local libraries.
  • Organizing and creating the Capital Region Menstrual Health Program
  • Participating in community meetings/discussions on community health and well-being tabling at senior housing, affordable housing sites, Albany public libraries, Albany city schools, etc.
  • Creating presentations and print material on sexual health, and on consent and healthy boundaries
  • Raising awareness on the dangers of vaping and e-cigarettes by doing presentation and tabling at: Senior homes, Libraries and Public housing
  • Participating in mass food distributions
  • Creating and distributing educational materials on; Fall prevention, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Danger of smoking
  • Assisting the DOH Environmental Health Division with water quality inspection surveys and sampling


Shiloh Duff-Sanchez
Public Health Corps Team Leader

Last updated April 11, 2023