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Fish Advisory
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Fish Advisory

Healthy Advice for Eating the Fish You Catch

Freshwater Fishing Regulations - NYSDEC

Albany County specific advice:

In the Hudson River: The sensitive population - Women of childbearing age (less than 50 years old and children less than 15) should not eat any fish from the Hudson River in the Albany region. Men over 15 years old can eat 1 meal per month of the following four fish: alewife, blueback herring, rock bass and yellow perch. No one should eat striped bass from this section of the river (from the Troy dam to the Rip Van Winkle Bridge). This advice is due to high levels of PCBs in the fish.

The Mohawk River/Erie Canal between Five Mile dam (downstream of Little Falls) and Cohoes Falls is now classified as a purple water on the fish advisory maps, so the advice has changed slightly. The good news is that men over the age of 15 can have up to 4 meals a month, and the sensitive population can have up to 1 meal/month of the following fish: yellow perch, white sucker, rainbow trout, pumpkinseed/sunfish, brown trout and brook trout, due to PCBs. No one should eat carp due to presence of PCBs. All other fish – follow the statewide advice.

For Patroon Creek, men over 15 can have white sucker fish up to 4 meals a month and the sensitive population can have it up to once a month due to mercury levels. For Thompson’s Lake, men over 15 can have yellow perch up to 4 meals/month and the sensitive population can have it up to once a month due to mercury levels. For all other fish in these 2 waterbodies – follow the statewide advice.

For all other waters in Albany County – follow the statewide advice, which is a chart with 4 categories of advice, depending on the fish. It is divided into best choice, good choice, eat less and don’t eat types of fish (please see chart).

Please call 518-765-3552 or e-mail ( Kare Roberts Mort with any questions.


Do You Fish?!

Fishing is a fun, relaxing, low impact sport that puts healthy food on your dinner table! It’s time to order fish advisory publications for the fishing season to ensure you are fishing in the highest quality waters and bringing home the safest fish possible.

Safe fishing waters:

FDA brochure concerning mercury levels in supermarket fish:

Processing, Preparing, and Presenting Fish:

The Wild Harvest Table started as a celebration of the culinary bounty represented by wild game and fish in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Cornell Cooperative Extension Nutrition Educator, Moira Tidball, from Seneca County started the website in January of 2009 as a resource for game and fish recipes, nutrition information, and preparation techniques:

New York State Health Advice on Eating Fish You Catch:

FREE Fish Advisory Materials from the NYS Department of Health can be ordered online:

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