Nutrition Program Educator Myra McKinney (center) leads a hands-on cooking class at CCE-Tompkins (2007)

A group class at CCE-Tompkins

A Cooking Matters class in the Cargill Teaching Kitchen at CCE-Tompkins with participants from Finger Lakes Independence Center (June 2012)
Image by Sandy Repp

A group nutrition class for individuals from the Finger Lakes Independence Center in Ithaca, NY (2012)

Family members make a meal together during a "Cooking Together for Family Meals" class in Groton, NY, coordinated by CCE-Tompkins and Groton's Families! program (May 2010).

A group nutrition class offered by CCE-Tompkins for participants in the Groton's Families! program (May 2010).

For Agencies

Call today and arrange to partner with our staff to bring FREE Eat Smart New York (ESNY) Nutrition Education to your income-eligible clients who qualify for and/or receive benefits through SNAP (the new name for Food Stamps), WIC, Head Start, Medicaid, TANF, SSI and AFDC.  Choose a one-time lesson or a series of lessons led by a trained nutrition educator at your location or ours, or at another community site.

Why request a group Eat Smart NY program?

ESNY nutrition education has been shown to make a difference in (DESCRIBE, LINK TO EVALUATION DATA).  By partnering to provide ESNY lessons, you'll help enable your participants to make informed choices and decisions about food and nutrition for their families.

One-time Programs for Adults

Includes (1) 45-60 minute session for a group organized by your agency on one of the following topics:

  • Eating Well for Less (Saving Food Dollars)
  • Feeding Young Children
  • Keeping Food Safe
  • Making Healthy Choices and Modifying Recipes (amount of fat, sugar, and sodium in food)
  • Reading a Nutrition Label to make healthier choices
  • Using MyPlate to help plan healthy meals

Six-Lesson Group Series

Includes (6) lessons with a nutrition program educator at your location, at CCE, or in another community setting. 

Participants learn about nutrition, meal planning, healthy food shopping on a budget, cooking and food safety, weight control and physical activity, and much more. The program is based on increasing positive health behaviors. Key messages of the program include:

  •  Eat fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nonfat or low-fat milk or milk products every day.
  • Be physically active every day as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Balance calories eaten from foods and beverages with calories used when being physically active.

How to request a program:

Just call the contact listed below and ask to make a referral to the nutrition education program.


Kathleen McAllister
Eat Smart New York Project Manager
(518) 765-3522

Last updated July 24, 2017