Hands-on food preparation in a nutrition education workshop.

Hands-on food preparation in a nutrition education workshop.

Cooking & Nutrition Classes


*From Mindless to Mindful Eating
Most of us often eat mindlessly, or out of stress or boredom when we aren’t really hungry. Surprisingly, people find they enjoy food more and actually eat better when they pay more attention to the experience of eating. This fun, interactive workshop will get you started, and also provide strategies to reduce mindless eating.

*Lighter Eating Made Easy
Many of us plan to start eating less, but we struggle with both habits and hunger. Learn strategies for eating nutritious meals and snacks that help normalize hunger and promote satisfaction. Food preparation and sampling are included. It can also be offered as informational only, without the food preparation.

*Eat Smart for Brain Health
Emerging research shows that what you eat impacts the health of your brain. This presentation will highlight dietary and other health suggestions that are now thought to decrease your risk of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Past participants have found this helpful whether their concern was prevention or in helping to slow the progression in family members.

*Heart Smarts
Learn the newest diet and exercise recommendations for heart health, and get help with practical tips on easy ways to incorporate small changes. Set personal goals and plan easy steps to achieve them.

*Eat Well with Diabetes
Learn how to live and eat well with diabetes or pre-diabetes. This workshop will present timely information, including meal planning basics, how to include sweets, and tips on meals out. It will also address ways to make sustainable dietary changes to help slow the progression of the disease without ignoring the important part food plays in life. This may be offered as informational only, or with a cooking component.

Dining with Diabetes: A four-part series
Sessions include demonstrations on how to prepare meals that are healthy, use less saturated fat, salt and sugar without cutting taste. There is an opportunity to taste a variety of main dishes, side dishes and desserts. Participants also learn current information on nutrition, meal planning, exercise and how to understand common diabetes-related medical tests.

Nutrition for the Seasoned Citizen
Good nutrition is important for people of all ages, but as we age, it can become both more important and in some ways more challenging. This workshop will address the challenges, and provide tips for planning meals for optimal nutrition and enjoyment.

(Some of these can be scheduled without the cooking component, if desired.)

From Garden to Table
Join a master gardener and a nutritionist in our own demonstration vegetable garden to learn tips on growing both popular and lesser known vegetables, and delicious ways to prepare them. Includes sampling recipes made with vegetables from our garden. (Available July - September)

Get with the Grains!
Most of us know we should be eating more whole grains, but haven’t yet made it a habit. In this class participants will become familiar with delicious grains that have recently become widely available, such as quinoa, and get some practice preparing (and sampling) them. It will also include tips on easy ways to incorporate more whole grains at every meal.

Savor the Season
Cook and sample healthy and delicious recipes made from local and seasonal foods. Learn how to use the fruits and vegetables in season now, and where to find them. (Offered any time of year)

Winter Soups and Stews
Enjoy making and sampling some nourishing and warming recipes. Build confidence in creating your own soups from simple ingredients, and take home a collection of tried and true recipes

It’s Bean Great
Beans are a great part of a healthy diet! Inexpensive, and high in protein and fiber, what’s not to love? Learn how to cook with dry and canned beans in recipes for soups, salads, main course meals and even desserts. Recipes and food sampling included.

Mediterranean Cooking
Learn some healthy cooking techniques using more olive oil, tasty vegetables and hearty whole grains for a heart healthy diet. Includes food preparation and sampling!

Fast Family Meals
You want to eat more meals as a family, but who has the time? This hands-on class will provide the tools you need to put satisfying meals together for your family. Includes cooking and sampling!


*Build a Better Bag Lunch
Whether you pack a lunch for adults or kids, this class gives plenty of ideas for healthy options while saving time and money. Planning tips and recipes will be included, plus food safety for bag lunches. Participants will try out and sample a few make-ahead ideas, and fun ways of putting it all together. This can be offered at locations with no kitchen facilities.

*Stretch your Food Dollar
Learn ways to spend less on food without sacrificing taste or nutrition in this interactive workshop. Develop a strategy to reduce food waste, plan ahead better and shop smarter. Includes resources on great websites and planning tools.

*Downsizing your Menu
Cooking for one or two can be a challenge. Learn some easy shopping and preparation tips for putting together affordable meals you can really enjoy. Includes cooking and sampling! This can also be offered as informational only, without the food component.

*Recommended workshops for lunch and learn wellness programming


Karen Roberts Mort
Community Nutrition Educator

Last updated February 7, 2017