Farm on top of hill

Know Your Farmer

Know Your Farmer is a highlight of Albany County farms with an emphasis on operations that have direct farm-to-consumer retail sales. Cornell Cooperative Extension Albany County educators, Sammie Baker and Tom Gallagher, are interviewing these farmers to learn about the farm history, future goals and what products the farmers have available for sale. Get the scoop on Albany County farms with Know Your Farmer! Keep an eye out for future articles on our website and Facebook page.  

If you are a farmer in Albany County that has product available to consumers, please feel free to contact Sammie at or 518-765-3519.

Know Your Farmer featuring George’s Market and Nursery

Know Your Farmer featuring Crosstown Maple

Know Your Farmer featuring Longfield Farm

Know Your Farmer featuring Eight Mile Creek Farm

Know Your Farmer featuring Bee and Ewe Farm


Sammie Baker
4-H & Local Agriculture Manager

Last updated January 6, 2021