Striped Cucumber Beetle

Pests & IPM

What is IPM?

IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management. It is a system for managing pest problems using a range of safe, least-toxic methods. IPM is integrated because it uses biological, organic, cultural, mechanical and chemical options for managing pest problems.For more information on the basics of IPM strategies, visit Cornell University's What is IPM page

Diagnostic Services

Plant, insect and disease identification and diagnostic services are offered at CCE-Albany. If necessary, samples can be sent to Cornell University for identification. For more information about our services, visit our Help For Gardeners page.  For information about submitting a sample to Cornell University for testing, visit: The Cornell University Diagnostic Laboratory.

Useful Links

New York State Integrated Pest Management - IPM publications, tools and resources for vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, lawns and field crops. Fact sheets also address IPM concerns for Buildings & Schools (including extensive fact sheets on bedbugs); Nursery, Greenhouse & Christmas Trees; and Landscapes, Parks & Golf Courses.

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Joellen Lampman
Community IPM Extension Support Specialist

Last updated March 19, 2024